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  WASA: Water and Sanitation Agency
  Frequently Asked Questions
How to get new Water and Sewer connection?    
Application forms are available in all Sub-Divisional Offices of WASA.
Click here for further details
Where to pay the Water Bill?    

You may pay you water bill in the following banks:

  • NADRA Kiosk Center
  • General Post Office
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Dawood Islamic Bank
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
How to chanage the calssification of your connection?    
Apply to Deputy Director Revenue Office of the respective area in writing for change of category.   Top
Will WASA accept part payment of your dues?    
Yes, but only in circumstances as described below:
The part payment of water and sewerage bill is accepted on revised assessment, when the property owner prefers appeal to related Revenue Office on the revision of bill and the same is pending for finalization.
What to do in case of repairs to meters/defective meters?    
Apply to the concerned Revenue Office in writing informing about the repair of the meter together with challan for payment towards meter testing charges as prescribed in the Regulation according to the size of meter.
If the meter is found defective, on the orders of the Revenue Office the new meter will be fixed by Engineer on purchase and supply by the consumer. Meter is the property of the consumer.
How does the WASA assess your dues if your meter is faulty?    
The demand will be raised based on your average consumption of previous six months.   Top
Does WASA treat ground water or water from wells?    
Yes, ground water or water extracted from wells is a major source of water for WASA. Treatment processes for well water involves chlorination and sometimes filtration.   Top
Why is the water sometimes white?    
Contrary to popular belief, water supply that appears cloudy is not due to excess chlorine in the water but rather due to air that is trapped in the water.   Top


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